Proofreading service

Your marketing copy’s been edited and signed off. You’re almost done. You just need that final read-through so you're sure it reads exactly as it should.

But it's not always easy to find the energy and time when you've read that same text over and over.

Proofreading is your quality control. I catch those accidental errors and inconsistencies that have sneaked into your final drafts.

Proofreading covers:

  • Language: spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Understanding: ambiguous & confusing text
  • Omissions: missing words & unfinished sentences
  • Inconsistencies: spelling, hyphens, capitals & dates
  • Aesthetics: word breaks & hanging words or lines
  • Typography: font style, size & colour
  • Layout: text & imagery alignment

If your copy has been created by multiple writers, translated or written in non-native English then you’ll need a copy-edit or proof-edit first.

Pop over to the pricing page to see how I quote your proofreading projects.

Copywriters often need to bend the ‘rules’ of writing – so I really value a proofreader who can tell a stylistic choice from a plain old mistake. Lorraine has that strength, and her feedback is clear, incisive, and helpful.
— David McGuire, Radix Communications