Proofreading service

Your copy’s been edited, laid out in the design format and signed off. Now you need a methodical read-through to check the technical elements of your copy.

Proofreading is the quality control to catch any accidental errors, oversights and inconsistencies that have sneaked into your final drafts.

I seamlessly work alongside your copywriting, marketing and design teams so you have the peace of mind that your copy is ready to go.

Proofreading covers:

  • Language: spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Understanding: ambiguous & confusing text
  • Omissions: missing words & unfinished sentences
  • Inconsistencies: spelling, hyphens, capitals & dates
  • Aesthetics: word breaks & hanging words or lines
  • Typography: font style, size & colour
  • Layout: text & imagery alignment

If your copy has been created by multiple writers, translated or written in non-native English then you’ll need a copy-edit or proof-edit first.