Proofreading service

Proofreading is your last opportunity to catch any accidental errors or issues that have sneaked into your final drafts.

WHY: Quality control. Reputation management. Peace of mind.

WHAT: Proofreading covers…
Language: spelling, grammar and punctuation
Understanding: ambiguous or confusing words and phrases
Omissions: missing words and unfinished sentences
Style decisions: dates, capitals and figures
Numbering: pages, lists and headings
Cross-referencing: table of contents, captions, labels and appendices
Typography: font style, size and colour
Inconsistencies: spelling ,hyphenation, style and layout
Layout formatting: text, imagery and infographic alignment
Aesthetics: word breaks across lines, words or lines hanging at the start or end of a paragraph and separated from the rest of their text

WHAT NOT: I don’t make changes to the composition of the text itself.

WHO: Copywriting agencies, marketing and communication specialists, design agencies and creative brands.

WHEN: Final drafts that have already been edited, the content approved and laid out in the design format.