Meet Lorraine

Proofreading with personality

I’m pretty particular too. That’s not just how I complete my work. It’s why my home is neatly ordered. How I’ve only ever lost one sock. And why I need a spring clear out. Every few months.

Wired this way

I researched phonetics during my speech and language science studies. Since 2005 I’ve proofread online copy for high-end brands, marketing materials for multi-national companies and conference publications for print. I love rules. And I love to play with the rules of language.

Organised fun

I am Lighthouse Proofreading. I personally work on your marketing copy so I know it’s to the high standard I expect from myself. And I’m pretty fussy. I have a head for efficiency and order too. This is where my experience running the studios of two digital marketing agencies kicks in.

Shoreditch to seaside

From Yorkshire to East London and now Cornwall, living by the sea in Newquay is a wonderful tonic for the mind.

Let’s do this

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Lorraine Williams, proofreader at Lighthouse Proofreading, stood against a lilac wall, laughing and holding a turquoise notebook.