Proofreading for copywriters & marketers

You’ve crafted your copy and honed your marketing message. Now you need those words to work for you. And for your clients too.


Finding the time and headspace to proofread, edit or transcribe your content can be tricky. As an extension of your copywriting, marketing and design teams, I have that time just for you.


Proofreading is more than spotting typos.

It’s the skill to apply the same level of detail throughout a spreadsheet of product descriptions. It’s highlighting continuity in the last slide of your client pitch as accurately as the first. And it’s the patience to make small changes across a large batch of PDF white papers.


There’s no need to get frazzled.


I have the high level of attention that your copy needs. I shine a light on those accidental errors, embarrassing distractions and unexpected design oversights. I specialise in the fiddlier PDF and spreadsheet batch copy formats too. So no more zoning out at your screen.


Your copy will be swish. Your clients will be smitten. And you can get on with your day.


It’s all about the proofreading. But that’s not all I do.


With proof-editing and copy-editing, your copywriting campaigns and marketing materials are carefully edited then smoothed over with a proofread. Your audio content is transcribed precisely then fully proofed too.


Take the pressure off. There’s an option to suit you and your copy.

Selected clients

Here’s a handful of clients I’ve worked with…

Working with Lorraine is a dream. Not only is she super-organised and easy to work with, but the peace of mind I get from knowing that someone had spotted and fixed all my typos and errors is priceless. She’s my secret weapon who guarantees professionalism and maintains my professional reputation.
— Thad Cox, Thad Cox Design Studio

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