Proofreading for marketing & creative agencies.

When you can’t
trust reading
your copy.


Proofreading for marketing & creative agencies

Deliver the exceptional campaigns your clients count on

You’ve crafted your copy and honed your marketing message. Now you need those words to work for you. And for your clients.

Finding the time and headspace to proofread and transcribe your content can be tricky.

As an extension of your copywriting, marketing and design teams, I have that time just for you.

I work on marketing copy for big-name UK brands and multi-national companies.

And those risky PDFs? If you’ve created beautifully designed ABM content, industry magazines, client proposals and white papers, they’re my thing!

Proof or dare?

Deadlines. Deliverables. Debriefs. There’s no need to get frazzled.

I’ve managed two digital marketing studios so I know how agency life feels.

Refined over 15 years, my proofreading process gives you the high-end copy your clients trust you to deliver.

Rules are fun. But I proofread for your reader. Not for the rules. Your creativity and persuasive campaigns are what count, so I won’t get all grammar hammer on your copy.

Your copy will be slick. Your clients will be impressed. And you can get on with your day.

Dread proofreading your OWN copy?

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“A happy agency and an even happier client.”

Ellie Foy, Valiant Design