Proof-editing service

You’re happy with your marketing copy. It’s close to being signed off. Now you want to be sure the message is clear and smooth before it's proofread.

When you’ve had your head in the copy for so long, it’s easy to lose sight of whether it’s actually saying what you think it’s saying.

Proof-editing is your hybrid option. It offers more than the accuracy of a proofread.

I blend the quality check of proofreading with elements of copy-editing to smooth out any clunky, chunky and cluttered language.

It’s ideal for copy that needs checking before it’s laid out in its final design format.

Proof-editing covers:

  • Clarity: cluttered, duplicate & disordered language
  • Flow: long & fragmented text
    PLUS a full proofread...
  • Language: spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Understanding: ambiguous & confusing text
  • Omissions: missing words & unfinished sentences
  • Inconsistencies: spelling, hyphens, capitals & dates
  • Aesthetics: word breaks & hanging words or lines
  • Typography: font style, size & colour
  • Layout: text & imagery alignment

If you also want the structure and writing style to be worked through then a copy-edit offers that deeper level of review.

Take a look at the pricing page to see how I quote your proof-editing projects.

You’ve picked up such small mistakes that the team hasn’t spotted - every time. Thanks for saving us from embarrassment. I’m too scared to print anything without you proofreading it first!
— Kenny Marshall, Event Partnership Publishing