Product description proofreading

You’ve written row after row of product descriptions for your client’s ecommerce website. You’ve distilled their selling points, naturally woven in SEO keywords, and followed their specific product and brand rules. Now you need to proofread that very same spreadsheet copy. And there are no red typo squiggles to help you out.

It’s not easy to switch from your creative approach to a technical focus when you're so familiar with the text. And you don’t need to.

I provide a spreadsheet proofreading service for product descriptions, SEO meta descriptions and PPC ads. I edit your copy directly in Excel and Google Sheets to remove accidental typos, sneaky duplicated adjectives, and fix those double spaces and missing full stops that can easily slip through.

Use your time to focus on your other projects. Before the next line of product and description batches come in…

Working in the fast-paced luxury fashion industry means that we rely on high-quality proofreading expertise, and Lorraine is always our first choice. We work together on a number of copywriting projects and can’t recommend her services enough. Lorraine’s work is not only meticulously accurate, she is also very easy to work with and has become a valuable part of the Siblinc network!
— Silvia Lowe, Siblinc