You’ve created your copy and need to tighten the message and language to form a strong, concise piece.

Copy-editing is a more involved review than proofreading and proof-editing. It sensitively improves the quality and readability of your copy whilst respecting your individual writing style. It glides through the structure, highlights areas that need further clarification, and ensures that the style and tone flows throughout. It’s then smoothed over with a full proofread.

As the first stage in the editing process, it’s ideal for copy created by multiple writers, translations and text written in non-native English. A final proofread is recommended once you’ve made all your changes.


  • Structure: ordering of information
  • Vocabulary: style & tone
  • Clarity: cluttered, duplicate & disordered language
  • Flow: long & fragmented text
    PLUS a full proofread...
  • Language: spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Understanding: ambiguous & confusing text
  • Omissions: missing words & unfinished sentences
  • Inconsistencies: spelling, hyphens, capitals & dates
  • Aesthetics: word breaks & hanging words or lines
  • Typography: font style, size & colour
  • Layout: text & imagery alignment

Copy-editing isn’t a rewrite. I carefully work with the material and information that's already there so your message shines through. If you’re looking to overhaul your writing or build on a framework then I can recommend copywriters that’ll do just that.