Website proofreading

A high-calibre online presence is vital. And it’s not just about cleverly crafted copy and calls to action. There are guides to download, ever-changing lines of retail products to launch, and spreadsheets of meta descriptions and title tags to implement.

When you’re creating or updating website content, the thought of the painstaking proofread can leave you feeling puffed out. But the smallest of errors can have a huge impact on whether your audience keeps clicking, trusts your brand or makes their purchase. Take a breath and leave the detail to me.


Develop audience trust and loyalty in a competitive market
Improve your website user experience and reduce visitor bounce rates
Contribute to SEO-friendly content to help increase your website ranking
Take the pressure off being perfect to free up headspace for creativity


Online and social media content
Product copy and SEO descriptions
Online magazines and e-newsletters
Subtitles and transcriptions

“Working in the fast-paced luxury fashion industry means that we rely on high-quality proofreading and copyediting expertise, and Lorraine is always our first choice. Lorraine's work is not only meticulously accurate, she is also very easy to work with and has become a valuable part of the Siblinc network!”

SIBLINC: Fashion product copywriting