Your projects are unique. And the proofreading, editing and transcription prices I quote are unique to your projects too.


Here’s the information I use to work out how much it’ll cost:

1: The service

2: The document format

3: The word count

4: The copy itself


I’ll ask for a sample of the text or audio and a clear brief so I can see exactly what’s what. The more involved I need to be, the longer it takes to return the spot-on copy you need. And expect.


I’ll normally quote a set project fee rather than the time it’ll take. This makes it easier for you to budget and keep your clients in the loop. The only time an hourly rate may be best is for spreadsheets that need a lot of cross-checking.


Copy-editing and proof-editing take longer than proofreading. There’s so much more to get stuck into. And they need a full proofread after too.


PDFs can take twice as long to proofread than a Word document. Adding those sticky notes and annotations isn’t as quick as simply tracking changes. Then there are the visual elements to check too.


Spreadsheets may have descriptions with a whopping list of brand rules to double check. Or there may be none at all. If there are a lot of rules to work with, I might suggest these projects are billed based on the amount of time it takes to complete. I’ll let you know if that’s the best way forwards.

Audio transcription is often quoted per audio minute. And one hour of audio can take up to four hours to transcribe. That’s for clearly audible, one-on-one interviews with no accents too. A set fee based on your specific audio content gets rid of that risk of rushing through your file. There’s time for a meticulous transcription and full proofread, so you get a clear copy of your content.


FEES: I usually quote a flat project fee, not how long it’ll take. (Unless it’s a rule-riddled spreadsheet.) But to give you an idea of costs, my day rate is £350 and I charge a minimum of £45.


TIMESCALES: A speedy turnaround doesn’t fit with what I do. It’s a methodical process. And I need to know that I’ve checked your copy fully so it’s to my high standards. I’m fussy like that.

CONTRACTS: I issue a Statement of Work and Booking Contract for signature with each new project. I like things to be clear for us both. Being organised is fun.

DEPOSITS: I request either a 50% non-refundable deposit or payment in full (depending on the size of the project) before the work is confirmed. I’ll send the invoice once the Booking Contract has been signed. This way we know that the time’s scheduled in just for you.

If you’d like to work together on your project, drop me a line!