You’re happy with your copy and need an external perspective to highlight any phrasing that needs attention so your text reads clearly.

Proof-editing is your hybrid option. It blends the quality check of proofreading with some copy-editing elements to smooth out clunky, chunky and cluttered language.

It’s ideal for copy that needs checking before it’s laid out in its final design format.


  • Clarity: cluttered, duplicate & disordered language
  • Flow: long & fragmented text
    PLUS a full proofread...
  • Language: spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Understanding: ambiguous & confusing text
  • Omissions: missing words & unfinished sentences
  • Inconsistencies: spelling, hyphens, capitals & dates
  • Aesthetics: word breaks & hanging words or lines
  • Typography: font style, size & colour
  • Layout: text & imagery alignment

If you also want the structure and writing style to be worked through then a copy-edit offers that deeper level of review.