I help award-winning marketing, copywriting and creative agencies deliver their high-end campaign copy. Here’s what they have to say. Take a look at their case studies too.

“Working with Lighthouse Proofreading was easy, efficient and thorough. Lorraine has an understandable process and is a pleasure to work with.”

Amy Lee Avery Dennison

“Just to say a big thank you for your thorough proofing. This guide is the centrepiece of a big campaign and a really important piece of collateral for our client. The document has been through many iterations with lots of people working on it, and we knew that errors had probably crept in. You’ve found all kinds of things that we might not have picked up otherwise, and which would have detracted from the overall quality.”

Fiona Campbell-Howes Radix Communications

“Lighthouse Proofreading has been a pleasure to work with. Lorraine was professional and knowledgeable from the word go and made our lives easy from the start. A happy agency and an even happier client.”

Ellie Foy Valiant Design

“Thanks for the transcripts. They were exactly the quality we hoped for!”

Dan Burton Earnest Agency

“Lorraine was efficient, organised and executed amazing attention to detail across the project above and beyond just basic copy, picking up things our team would never have spotted. Would absolutely recommend.”

Selina Crookes Provenance Brands

“Working with Lorraine is a dream. She’s my secret weapon who guarantees professionalism and maintains my professional reputation. I promise you, it’s one of the best investments you can make.”

Thad Cox Thad Cox Branding Studio

“Lorraine‘s impeccable attention to detail pays for itself. We’ve sent final drafts to Lighthouse Proofreading and every time Lorraine's identified mistakes that we’d overlooked because we were too busy focusing on the bigger picture.”

Sam Charles Float Digital

“I really value a proofreader who can tell a stylistic choice from a plain old mistake. Lorraine has that strength, and her feedback is clear, incisive, and helpful.”

David McGuire Radix Communications

“Working in the fast-paced luxury fashion industry means that we rely on high-quality proofreading expertise, and Lorraine is always our first choice. We work together on a number of copywriting projects and can’t recommend her services enough. Lorraine’s work is not only meticulously accurate, she is also very easy to work with and has become a valuable part of the Siblinc network!”

Silvia Lowe Siblinc

“You’ve picked up such small mistakes that the team hasn't spotted - every time. Thanks for saving us from embarrassment. I’m too scared to print anything without you proofreading it first!”

Kenny Marshall Event Partnership Publishing

“I can highly recommend Lorraine as a proofreader. She has a great eye for detail, makes proactive suggestions throughout the editing process and is very hands on. She's easy to work with, bubbly and definitely gives you the maximum value for money in her support.”

Dan Street Street Write