Siblinc: spreadsheet proofreading case study

How a product copywriting agency scaled their flawless output

As the UK’s only specialist fashion copywriting agency, Siblinc writes striking online product descriptions. They add the elegance to ecommerce for global fashion brands and boutique labels.

Demand for their persuasive product copy was rocketing. Sisters Silvia and Celia needed to maintain their exceptional output with each batch of new-season and new-line products and trends.

Silvia contacted me to proofread the product description copy they create in Google Sheets.

From coveting to converting

Siblinc’s clients, and their individual brands, have their own set of requirements. Each batch of copy needs to be a specific tone, and meet set rules for which features are included and how they’re included.

Requests to craft batches of product copy lines were increasing. Their team didn’t have the time or headspace to focus on proofreading to the high standard they expect of their work.

They knew they needed to outsource to someone outside of their creative space.

They knew they needed someone they could trust to proofread the copy and keep on top of those many, many rules.

And they knew they needed their writing to continue to be as sleek as the fashion pieces they were describing.

High-fashion clients. High-calibre copy

Siblinc uses Google Sheets to make collaborating with their clients a breeze. But G Sheets doesn’t highlight potential oversights with a handy red squiggle.

If their product descriptions were to really pop, proofreading the spreadsheets needed a structured approach.

A set procedure was created to work through each stage of the proofreading process, line by line. Each read-through focused on a specific area: client rules, punctuation such as hyphenation, double spaces and missing full stops, and a full proofread to finish. Individual style guides were set up for each client’s brand to streamline future batches.

The perfect outfit

Celia and Silvia were able to continue to deliver flawless product copy as they scaled their business. Without compromising on their creativity and client management.

“Working in the fast-paced luxury fashion industry means that we rely on high-quality proofreading expertise, and Lorraine is always our first choice.”