Perfect Stays: copy-editing case study

How a luxury self-catering accommodation company perfected their customer guides

Offering an exclusive collection of holiday homes, Perfect Stays delivers a seamless service and stunning experience for its guests.

Recently-appointed Marketing Manager Rebecca was preparing for the influx of new year bookings.

After compiling the customer confirmation documents and area guides, she discovered they lacked continuity. Their documents needed to match the high-end service that Perfect Stays is known for.

Rebecca got in touch with me to copy-edit 36 Word documents.

Location location location x 12

With the marketing team managing their upcoming festive bookings, there was no availability to work on such a large-scale project. Their only option was to bring someone on board to concentrate on creating the cohesive materials they needed.

Created in Word, each of the 36 area guides needed to be copy-edited to match the tone of their website copy. A large amount of information needed to be the same across all documents. Other information needed to be the same across area guides only in close proximity.

This was an extensive overhaul.

Perfect Stays needed someone who could elevate their copy and focus on the detail.

Seven year itch

Created over a seven-year period, the area guides had been continually amended and updated. Rebecca’s team created a new format to unify their collection of guides ready for the copy-editing to begin.

Copy that featured across all documents needed to be consolidated. To complete the project efficiently, this needed to be done section by section. Not document by document.

One section was taken from each guide and added to a ‘holding’ document to work through. Duplicates were removed and the copy edited, formatted then proofed before being returned to the original document. This process continued for each separate section.

Some recurring information was better suited to a separate document so was edited, formatted and proofread separately. This would save the marketing team time when making future updates.

A total of 46 documents were edited and collated. Each document received a final proofread before being returned ready for their designer to work through. A list of style decisions was compiled to maintain continuity in their language use and voice too.

Book once. Book twice

It’s the small details that turn a first-timer into a repeat customer.

Perfect Stays elevated their customer-facing presence. Their reputation. And their customer’s impression of the Perfect Stays brand.

“Lorraine managed a lengthy and complicated project for us, and the work was finished to an extremely high standard.”