Event Partnership Publishing: PDF proofreading case study

How multimedia publisher Event Partnership Publishing didn’t know they needed a proofreader. Until they used one.

Event Partnership Publishing offers specialist publications to suit their commercial clients’ needs, working with charities and events across a range of platforms. Committed to growing the Cornish economy, Managing Director Kenny and his editorial team also create their own=brand Cornwall destination guides.

This is where I should tell you that Kenny got in touch to ask me to proofread his PDF documents. But he didn’t.

Cornish collaboration

Kenny never planned to use a proofreader. We were introduced to each other through one of his friends. My brother.

Event Partnership Publishing was working on their client’s largest event publication of the year. Interested in how I could free up more time to focus on their client, Kenny sent one of their own destination guides my way.

Working with local businesses and Business Improvement Districts, the guides are distributed around the country to encourage tourism in Cornwall. And they’re free.

The proof is in the… proof

A large amount of the content is provided by local business owners who are responsible for proofreading their submissions. The editorial team write the remaining content and bridge the submissions together.

With a mix of tone and writing styles across the guide, a proof-edit was ideal. It offered more than a proofread to maintain a high standard of copy throughout without going as far as a copy-edit.

Corrections and edits were made using Adobe’s annotation tools, with clear, consistent instructions. There were no baffling proofreading symbols here.

The contents page was cross-checked against each page heading and number, and all local business information edited to a set format for continuity. A style guide was compiled to standardise the differences in language usage across the guide.

Destination: accuracy

Event Partnership Publishing elevated their product. With an improved offering, they secured additional advertorials to fund the free publication and enhanced the impression of Cornwall to potential visitors. And that large publication they were working on? They had more time to dedicate to their client which improved their service.

Was my support a one-off?

Nope. I’ve been part of their team (and adding to that style guide) ever since.

Kenny and his team now deliver their client’s multimedia publications knowing their own-brand guides are in trusted hands.

“Lorraine offers us a cost-effective way to free up our editorial team so they can spend more time writing.”