Enigma: PDF proofreading case study

How a B2B tech marketing agency created red-hot white papers

Working with tech-sector clients, B2B marketing agency Enigma creates insightful marketing campaigns.

The copy for an extensive account based marketing campaign targeting high-profile companies had been finalised. Enigma wanted to be certain that their client’s white papers made an impact. And for the right reasons.

I was approached to proofread 21 white paper PDFs.

From cells to sales

With the deadline in sight and campaign deliverables to meet, Enigma’s account management team were at capacity. They’d started proofreading in-house but now they needed someone who could focus solidly on their client’s assets.

The copy had been created in Excel. Their PDFs needed checking against the spreadsheets to make sure the copy had been flown in correctly. A handful of the papers had amends which needed checking and consolidating too.

Enigma needed someone they could trust to work through each paper methodically.

There’s no mystery to it

Enigma’s research had been distilled into an insightful, data-driven message. And each message had also been tailored to a specific high-profile communications or financial company. There were nuances across the papers and across the two sectors.

This was a hefty project. It needed a systematic approach. And a hefty spreadsheet.

A financial and a communication paper were carefully worked through. Every type of amendment and annotation was added to a spreadsheet: from checking the Excel copy had been transferred correctly and noting hanging hyphens and en dashes at the end of lines, to continuity in currency and removing rogue forward slashes from footer hyperlinks.

Using the spreadsheet, each amend and annotation was individually cross-checked against the full batch before moving to the next on the list. This system created continuity in the instructions to the designers and made the proofreading process more efficient. Each document was then proofread individually to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Data-driven. Detail-driven

Enigma executed their marketing campaign with confidence. Not just in their targeted deliverables. Confidence in their reputation and in their client’s reputation too.